Hoppin' on the Poppin' HOT! Sales are Sizzlin'...

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This is NOT the time for me to start  a posting. The Market in the Downtown Historic Fayetteville is hitting on ALL cylinders for the past couple of weeks, and I am living proof that sleep, food, & physical exercise are a CRUTCH for those that don't live, sleep, eat, & breathe Fayetteville Real...Estate. Sellers are starting to really catch the wave of proper initial pricing, & Buyer's are unable to resist 4% money, or they're simply getting sick of RENTING!!! I see a really STRONG 3rd & 4th Quarters for those involved with Florida "IS" Fayetteville Real...Estate.

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Bryan Watkins
LRA Real Estate Group - Mesa, AZ

Hey Rob, so nice to hear about a hot market. Some some hot market heat over to Phoenix here...good luck to you.

Aug 20, 2010 03:47 PM