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I HIGHLY recommend emotional and value added marketing. An example of emotional marketing would be sending birthday cards to all of your past clients on their birthdays. More importantly, why not take the time to put a hand-written note inside of each birthday card. Then, consider a 30-second phone call to every one of your clients to wish them "Happy Birthday" on the day of their birthday. This lets them know that you care about them and want to continue your relationship. Set up a system to manage and remind you who and when to call. You can even use something as simple as Outlook or your PDA to remind you on those days.

As an example, a few weeks ago I learned of a HIGH producing loan officer in Arizona who budgets UPFRONT to send actual birthday presents to the children of her top clients from that year. Another loan officer I read-on conducts value-added events quarterly. Topics have included equity, strategic equity repositioning, and equity management. His team has financial planners come in for financial planning seminars. Later in the year, he then schedules an estate planner to come in to talk about trusts versus wills. The goal is to keep the relationships alive with each of your clients after the close of their transaction.

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Jeff Schraeder

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