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★ ★ ★How to Be a Social Media Superstar ★ ★ ★

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Join me for dotJenna Live on Friday afternoon at 1 PM CST. This show will provide FREE Coaching by dotJenna on "How to Be a Social Media Superstar."




  • Learn my secret techniques for positioning yourself as a SUPERSTAR in your marketplace.
  • Learn the secrets of HIGH-VISIBILITY marketing.
  • Learn what to share and how to share it for MAXIMUM exposure & buzz generation.
  • How to get the ATTENTION you need to generate the leads you deserve.
  • How to use Facebook, Twitter & YouTube to create a BIGGER-THAN-LIFE brand image.
  • Learn the secrets for being MAGNETIC and irresistible to watch and follow.
  • Learn how to use the psychological dynamics of FAME to your advantage for your business.
  • Become EMPOWERED to flaunt your best qualities in front of the world, to show 'em what you've got.
  • Learn tricks the stars use to gain PUBLICITY and hold the ATTENTION of your target market.
  • Learn how being a SUPERSTAR leads to more leads, buzz and business.
  • Learn how to get people TALKING & thinking about YOU and your business.
  • This will be a very FUN show, where you will learn all sorts of neat tips and tricks to make you more interesting, watchable and make you feel more free to SHINE like the SUPERSTAR you already are!!!

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