Seal Beach Foreclosures - 111 4th Street

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It goes without saying that Seal Beach Foreclosures have been nearly non-existent... until now. Just last week 111 4th Street in Seal Beach was offered by Option One Mortgage after they took it back as an REO on June 30, 2010. As you might imagine, Seal Beach Foreclosures are a rare occurrence which is why I got so many calls on this property. Not to mention the price the bank was offering the home at to attract attention.

Seal Beach Foreclosures

Now before you start searching the Internet to find this home listing, stop. You won't find anything on this home other then what I written here underlying the importance of having a local Realtor embedded in the community. In other cities you may have the pick of the lot, but Seal Beach Foreclosures are much rarer and much more desirable. With 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and just over 3000 sq/ft, this homes distance to the beach is what adds the most value.

Seal Beach Foreclosures

Just this week in the local newspaper, three new trustee sales were posted. Many of these will be cured by the owners, or sold at auction. Very rarely does the bank take the property back as an REO and offer it for sale in Seal Beach. As we work our way this this economy it is likely that a few other Seal Beach Foreclosures will come to market. The real question is, will you have the opportunity to buy one?

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