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Fridge magnet order time has come.

Services for Real Estate Pros with ABCvideoTours.com

Those lovely folks at the fridge magnet companies are sending out their shiny catalogs for 2008.

Ok, so you don't provide videoTours just yet.

Why should you mention that you provide videoTours on your fridge magnet promo...

Cause in 2008 folks looking at your fridge magnet promo may be looking for the keywords "video tour".


(This sentence was added August 29th)I have just also posted the blog entry regarding Realtor magazine stating that video tours up to 20 minutes can be uploaded to their website. This again demonstrates that video tours will bein demand in 2008.

delete me delete me
delete me - Dixon, CA
What makes you say that?  Is there a new trend that I haven't caught onto about video tours being all the rave?  Please provide if you know something I don't....thanks
Aug 22, 2007 12:14 PM
Robert ABC videoTours
ABCvideoTours.com - Tracy, CA


several of my clients got catalogs from magnet street - as them and myself are firm belivers of their mighty magnetic marketing power - we wrote copy that include the words "video Tours".

just thought i would pass it on (i ordered 1000) 


Aug 22, 2007 12:47 PM