Buying a home in Downey, CA?

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  Most people believe that the process to buying a home in Downey begins by visiting an open house. Perhaps by driving around and calling on the FOR SALE signs. Some of the more enterprising of you will look around the internet and seek Downey homes for sale. All of these are great ways to get started. Some may think that the first step is to have an offer accepted. Let's talk about why the prepared home buyer will start their home buying process differently.



1. Get Pre-qualified to buy your Home in Downey

Although most of us think that the first step to own a home is to have an offer accepted really the first step should be to be pre-qualified by a lender. Being pre-qualified means that the bank knows your preliminary information and it has determined a sales price that you can afford and qualify to purchase. Why should you do this prior to buying your home in Downey?

A. To know how much you can afford to buy. Why waste time browsing for homes you cannot afford? Instead focus on homes you can buy in Downey.

B. I speak to families who walk into open houses all the time without being pre-qualified thinking they can simply get pre-qualified then. The problem with that is that a lot of homes will get sold right under your feet if you are not ready. If you are having surgery performed do you want your doctor to come to the table and ask what’s the operation being performed on you today? Of course not. Like a great surgeon, prepare yourself and get pre-qualified.



2. Find a great real estate agent specializing in Downey

Once pre-qualified find a great agent that specializes in Downey. You want to have someone that knows the ins-n-outs of the neighborhoods.

And going back to the medical example, if you need brain surgery do you want it performed by a general practitioner? Or a specialist? You should perform your home buying the same way. Have a specialist in Downey home buying perform surgery for you and assist you in buying your home.



3. Find an agent that works in an office with a large inventory in Downey

Work with a real estate agent that has an office that has a large inventory in Downey. If you are buying a home in Downey, does it really matter since all the homes for sale are available through internet searches?… You’d be surprised.

A lot of times homes get sold before the home is even placed on the Multiple Listing Service. Why is that? Succesful offices have succesful agents. Succesful agents have buyers pre-qualified and ready to pounce on great opportunities, buying those Downey gem of a properties. So give yourself a chance! Work with a succesful real estate agent that works at a succesful real estate office that has a large inventory of homes in Downey.

Once you have an offer accepted, especially if you are working with a true professional while buying your Downey home, the rest of the process should go smoothly. While there may be some hiccups along the way, if you are being advised by the right agent those issues should be worked out. You will be able to purchase your home in Downey.


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