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I have earned over 1300 so far and a bulk of the income came during the football season. I have posted this last year when I began and have found it such a great way to earn, what I call "Free Money"! I mean nothing in life is free except oxygen but this was free to me. I posted a few times here and on CL and got someone to sign up and have cashed over 1300 bucks. I swear I did nothing to deserve this. I am still earning money every week and expect to earn at least that amount this up coming year. Do your self a favor and take 5 minutes to sign up and spread the word to people you know, post on CL and you will get people to play. You earn minimum of 25% what they wager and lose, up to 50%. If they win, you don't owe. It is fast and easy to sign up and you are immediately provided all the business cards, flyers and html needed.

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Michael Martell

Licensed Mortgage Originator (AZ and WA)

Stearns Lending

NMLS# 1290123