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I found it very interesting that as I 've gone  around visiting real estate properties all of the homes look the same.

One day I came in contact with an interior designer who was so proud to talk about her job and the way she decorates that I decided to go around with her to check out her work.

The first apartment I saw was a 3000 sq/ft condo with a beautiful view. The unit was finished with crema marfile on the floors, crema marfile on the walls in the bathrooms, and crema marfile on the ceiling..........just kidding that's impossible because of the weight , but I promise you if the weight was not an issue you would see crema marfile covering the entire ceiling as well.

The second apartment she showed me was a little smaller , but discovered the same crema marfile on the floor and the wall, but here she had used Savannah Brown ( Granite ) for the counter top.

The granite was the only difference in finishes that the two homes had in terms of material.It was as if beige was the only color available ( Florida Style )

I started mentioning my passion for Mosaic and how beautiful a house looks with this material.The Designer's first answer was '' No Way " .  So I kept going with the tour but wondered, how can a buyer of luxury homes be satisfied with such basic and ordinary material as crema marfil and basic granite ?

Eventually I decided to bring the designer to my best friend's house which I helped renovate and I showed her the BEAUTY you can create when decorating with mosaic. Well , to make things short, she cancelled from her vocabolary the words Crema marfil, as well as Uba Tuba,and Savanna Brown.

Finally she agree with me about Mosaic and that it is time for Miami to change the way homes are all finished the same way.

It is not only about granite and crema marfil. The is this precious material called MOSAIC that not only transforms an ordinary home into a true Luxury home, but will give a property a much much greater return on your investment than something safe and ordinary.

Massimiliano Mlekus


Miami Beach

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