Swimming with Dolphins in Seal Beach

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When I'm not busy running my Seal Beach Real Estate business, I like to take my long board out and paddle between the pier and jetty for exercise. Normally this is early in the morning before my day gets started and the ocean is still relatively calm. Recently I've noticed an abundance of marine life such as Seal's and Bat ray's, but today I had my first experience of swimming with Dolphins in Seal Beach.

Dolphin at Seal Beach

Preparing to launch my board, I stopped one last time struggling to see through the fog (not uncommon in Seal Beach). Trying to find my usual landmark to paddle towards I noticed a group of 5 dolphins fishing about 100 yards off shore, surrounded by sea birds. Launching, I paddled towards the pier when I noticed they were swimming parallel to me which was just an awesome experience. On my return paddle, not only did a Seal show up, but one of the Dolphins popped up about 10 feet away from me and rolled slightly so he could check me out.

I can think of so many reasons why Seal Beach is such as special place to call home, but today made me realize I live in a little slice of paradise...

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