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Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE)

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Just how many real estate sales books do you think that are out there?  Do you think there are over 50 books?  Do you think there are over 100 books?  There maybe over 1000 sales books on the market these days.  But none of them will help you more then having the mindset of helping other people everyday (hope).  The best sales tactic that you could ever use is the sincere concern for helping other people.  We must keep hope alive.  It maybe considered an old-school way of doing business.  But in order to thrive during these economic trying times, we must go back to the old landmark. 

The sale will come.  The opprotunity to help someone could be in front of us right now.  We need to get back to looking around to see if there is anyone that we can help.  We should also look for someone else that we can mentor to the level of success that we would want for ourself.  Our net worth is based upon our network.  At the end of the day it's not how much money we have in the bank that makes us successful.  Neither is how many toys that we have that makes us a winner.  Rather, it's how many people we have helped along the way.  Think about it.

If any of your clients need help with their credit.  Refer them to us we can help:  email me at rbrown@credadvise.com or call me (404) 573-9221