A grant deed scam?

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When a buyer closes escrow on a home, they will sign a grant deed at the closing, then this grant deed will go to the County Recorder's Office for recording. A grant deed is defined as "the document which transfers title to real property or a real property interest from one party (grantor) to another (grantee). It must describe the property by legal description of boundaries and/or parcel numbers, be signed by all people transferring the property, and be acknowledged before a notary public. The transfer is finalized by recording with the County Recorder or Recorder of Deeds. Importantly, a grant deed warrants that the grantor actually owned the title to transfer." This is an incredibly important document. Typically a buyer will get this document from the County anywhere from 30 days, and perhaps several months after the closing should the County Recorder's Office be extremely busy. Recently, a client who closed escrow 10 months ago wrote to tell me that he received a letter from a "Title Compliance Office" and for $167 they will send him the grant deed. He asked whether he should respond to get the deed. The answer is a resounding "no" in this situation because the deed would have been mailed out to him already last year. Should he not be in possession of his deed, then the next step is to contact the County Recorder's Office directly to get a copy of the deed from them. For more info, see their website at http://www.lavote.net/Recorder/Document_Recording.cfm or for copies of the grant deed, call 562-462-2133, and follow the instructions. The paperwork will cost less than $10 and the recording provides an address to write to with payment for processing of the request.

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