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Are you over-relying on magical (no need for action) thinking? Systems solve and can stand-in for Magical thinking. I read an ad on "magical (no need for action)" and it got me to thinking about how we might be running our businesses today. This speaks to a written action plan and systems that support the plan. Why do I keep speaking about those systems? They make life so much easier and frankly free up time to be able to actually play or if you are consumed by the need make more money! Systems to me are like learning to ride a bike when you master them you can stop thinking about the steps: balance the bike, hold firm on the handlebars, push off, pedaaaaal faster wheeeee, smile: it's working!

I recently offered cliff notes for a Mike Ferry recovery plan to the NAR group on Linkedin, and found that I received a lot of replies from all over the county-that was gratifying-more people to refer business and from whom, perhaps I might receive some extra business. (if you are going to ask for those same notes be sure I get an e-mail address in the body of your request! so I can get information back to you.) It is only 8 pages instead of 40. I am good at reducing to the simplest steps. Time is important to me I still have an 11 year old at home.

The point is many of these folks are like me in that we have been in the business for a long time and are looking for that "magic" again. In our case it is a thought process-get my head on track and then I can go back to doing what I need to do, what I know to do.

For those who are new to the business and wondering what am I doing-getting into the business in this kind of an economy?!! The Magic they want is the how do I survive kind? Well you might have made that decision when you couldn't see another path or had thought about it for a long time. Real estate is a business in a business but, it is also a lifestyle. Maybe we should be asking interview questions differently when we hire folks. "Can you wrap yourself around the idea that Real Estate is a lifestyle and you will need to live it every day until it is deep into your blood?" When you go to the market (or other public place) you will find yourself chatting about the neighborhood prices if you wear a name badge! (better know them). The badge gives permission for someone you don't know to approach you and asks those questions. In return you can ask for their card and offer something else of value-I do a monthly newsletter on real estate related topics and a sellers report for neighborhoods: which of those would be useful to you? I would be happy to add you to the e-mail list if you like? 

I personally participate in some community groups and events and left from the office to get there on time last month. (with the name badge firmly attached to my shoulder.) That was an accident but, it is a good lesson anyway-What was the first comment from a fellow member? "Oh, I knew you were in Real Estate-I see it's RE/MAX. She said it MAAAAXXXX" and we were off on her questions. A little RE/MAX bling and we were off to the races sharing stories and laughing about how we had both experienced some interesting times and places from different perspectives in real estate. A stronger bond was formed.  It is a subtle system of wearing a badge as jewelry and being prepared to discuss a business I enjoy: so smile about it!

  1. Pretty Badge ($20.00- you spend more on a mailing and get less: the badge lasts longer!)
  2. Statistics and Funny or unusual stories (they don't have to be yours-borrow some.)
  3. Smile -Never fails especially these days-everyone needs to smile and a little laughing helps the day along too.
  4. Don't leave without their card-get them into a drip campaign and stay in better touch. Don't forget the Seller's Report-RE/MAX people! They LOVE it!

Easy system! Think about how you can make your own magic, Magical with systems!

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Doris Barnett NAR Certified e-PRO Trainer

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Wallace S. Gibson, CPM
Gibson Management Group, Ltd. - Charlottesville, VA


Aug 28, 2010 12:30 AM
Doris Barnett-214-236-2908 cell/txt
Consultant - Plano, TX
Real Estate Consultant: Ask for your Better Biz

Wallace I'm with you. Don't forget when you are blogging to offer that something of value in exchange for the e-mail address and checkout Realtor.org for getting that something for yourself as a REALTOR- FREE. Yeah R.com!

I write that tongue in cheek as it reminds me to do as I say, do as I should remember to do myself! Have a profitable weekend and fabulous week-almost September! Whew-some of the heat is off though....


Aug 28, 2010 12:45 AM