Waiting....Waiting....and More Waiting...My Schertz TX Home is Still on the Market....

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Waiting....Waiting....and More Waiting....My Schertz TX Home is Still on the Market

If your home is listed on the market here in San Antonio or Schertz, TX, 
Worriedit may have been on the market for longer than you thought it would be.  It's understandably frustrating in today's market that Schertz, TX homes may not be flying off of the market like they used to.  The news has been out for a while that the housing market has declined a considerable amount.  I don't write this to scare you, but to inform you and to let you know that there is hope....yep hope!  There are still tried and true methods that are going to get your Schertz, TX home Sold!

Planning to put your Schertz, TX home on the market?  This to is for you....

Price, Price, Price-I know...I know...I am almost positive you have heard this mantra before.  If you haven't, then listen up.  If you do not price your home properly, to be competitive in today's market, one of two things are going to happen:

1.  Your home will sit and no one will even notice its on the market or

2.  You will get an offer so under list price that you will be offended.  Price Properly or you will sit and sit and sit...enough of that, which brings be to point number 2.

Listen, Listen, Listen- To your Realtor
®.  Provided you have not hired a Realtor® that blows smoke up, (well various places).  This means that when they sat down with you and showed you the market report, you may have felt a little uncomfortable but you knew right off that they were not lying to you.  If you truly trust your Realtor®, then let them guide you in the pricing and the process of selling your home.  This is what they get paid to do.  Hire a Realtor® that has your best interest at heart, not one that has their own best interest at heart.  Believe it or not...if we don't sell your home...we don't generally get paid either.  In my world, this is not a good business practice.  Which brings be to point number 3...

Showability, Showability, Showability-Do you notice a theme, (how I repeat myself over and over again).  Your home must be prepared and showable at all times, any time, (that means whenever)!  It also must stand out from other homes that are for sale in your area.  Buyers must desire your Shertz, TX home above all homes.  This may mean that you need to stage your home or declutter your home or clean your home or all three, (but most definitely the latter two).  If you are still living in your home, keep it show ready.  I know it's tough, especially if you have children, pets, or let's just face it...a life.  For the next few months, (maybe just days if you do this right), you are going to have to stay on top of it.  Which brings me to a sub-point within this topic

Accessibility, Accessibility, Accessibility-Let people see your home!  Make it available at all reasonable hours if at all possible.  Please do not decline showings!  They will not come back!  If the odds are against you in this market and you lower your odds, you are shooting yourself in the foot.  The more people that see your Schertz, TX home, the more you raise your odds of your buyer finding and falling in love with your home...which brings me to my next point, (I think we are on 4).

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion
-You have now priced your home correctly, you've got it all prettied up and ready for showing and you have agreed in your mind that you will be showing to every possible person that wants to see your home.....  Now, we need to let everyone, (and I mean absolutely everyone), know that your home is the best thing going for sale in the San Antonio, Schertz, TX area.  How do you go about doing that?  How about hiring a Realtor
® that will put your home in front of every possible Buyer that is looking for your home and will showcase it?  This means your Realtor® will put your home on a pedastool for all to come and see.  Do not discount great photos, virtual tours and this is really, really, really important, one who uses the internet to market effectively.  Think...these days, where do you look for stuff?  That's right, the  internet.  The majority of Buyers start their search is on the internet.  Which brings me to my last point...

Trust, Trust, Trust-Trust that your Realtor
® has your best interest at heart.  If you have hired a Great Realtor® who has your best interest at heart and keeps on top of the market, you have priced, listened, and prepared, your home WILL SELL.  Sometimes patience and trust is the key to all of this.  Today's Buyers have many, many, many choices available to them.  They are also leery of the market conditions and are very, choosy about what they will buy.  

There is a perfect buyer for your home we just need to find them and with the above advice we will!  Good luck and if you need a Realtor
® with your best interest at heart, to help you sell your Schertz, TX home (didn't you click the links?), click HERE and let's see if I can assist you with that!

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Brenda Mullen – San Antonio Texas Real Estate Professional

Brenda Mullen Your San Antonio TX Real Estate Agent
Selling a San Antonio Texas area home involves many steps and having an experienced  San Antonio  Texas Real Estate Agent by your side will make the transaction run a lot smoother. I would love to be your San Antonio Texas Area Real Estate Professional! I assist both buyers and sellers in the San Antonio Texas area with either the purchase and or sale of residential real estate.
As an Accredited Buyer’s Agent, I have received special training to guide and educate you through the entire home buying process. From start to finish, I listen to your needs and desires in what you would like and take the information you give me to find you home.
As your San Antonio Texas listing agent I am well versed on the local San Antonio Texas area Real Estate Market. You can expect personalized service that includes a detailed consultation on how to best position your home to be competitive in today’s market with an in depth comparative market analysis, and advice on staging. I use the latest and most up-to-date marketing methods to get your home in front of as many buyers as possible. Being your San Antonio Texas area Realtor® not only involves just finding the home or selling the home, but being your guide, negotiator, advisor and advocate and making sure that your needs and goals are met. Being your San Antonio Texas area Realtor® is one of my truest passions, and “Helping You Find Home” is my number one priority.
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Comments (32)

Brenda Mullen
RE/MAX Access - Schertz, TX
Your San Antonio TX Real Estate Agent!!

Hi Jim-I do think that when choosing a Realtor, a prospective home seller should probably interview more than one listing agent to get a feel for who will work best for them.  Thanks for stopping by!

Aug 29, 2010 02:29 AM
Ellen Kippel
Weichert Realtors - Suffern, NY
Licensed NY and NJ realtor 914-588-2365

I like your post.  You have identified the key ingredients for getting a home sold.  It is so sad when homeowners don't take our advice, especially regarding pricing, and then the home sits there and doesn't get any showings.  I wish more homeowners would realize we are only trying to help them sell their home and that it is to their advantage to price well, and have their home accessible for as many time slots as possible, and have the home easy to enter (Lockbox, Lockbox, Lockbox - Did I mention Lockbox?)

Apr 28, 2011 03:45 AM
Brenda Mullen
RE/MAX Access - Schertz, TX
Your San Antonio TX Real Estate Agent!!

Hi Ellen-Thank you so much.  Here in Schertz (San Antonio), most homes that are listed with a Realtor are on a lockbox.  I can't imagine trying to list a home without one, but hey...it could happen :). 

Apr 28, 2011 04:17 AM
Michael Setunsky
Woodbridge, VA
Your Commercial Real Estate Link to Northern VA

Brenda, very good points potential buyers need to read and pay attention. Good Post!

Apr 28, 2011 04:27 AM
Mike Yeo
3:16 team REALTY - Frisco, TX

Brenda - great post and great advise for sellers. Let's hope seller understand what they are up against in this market. 

Apr 28, 2011 04:28 AM
Brenda Mullen
RE/MAX Access - Schertz, TX
Your San Antonio TX Real Estate Agent!!

Hi Michael-I agree, buyers should pay attention as well.  Thank you.

Hi Mike-(Love your wifes posts by the way! Now I need to go and read yours!)-This market is a toughy, but if we can price it right and position it correctly we can sell it :)!

Thank you both for stopping by!

Apr 28, 2011 04:37 AM
Barbara Altieri
Better Homes and Gardens RE Shore and Country Properties - Shelton, CT
REALTOR-Fairfield County CT Homes/Condos For Sale

Brenda -- Agree on everything with price and condition being of the utmost importance. Then market the heck out of it!

Apr 28, 2011 05:10 AM
Brenda Mullen
RE/MAX Access - Schertz, TX
Your San Antonio TX Real Estate Agent!!

Hi Barbara- Most definitely!!  Price, Condition and Market :)!!!  Thank you for commenting!

Apr 28, 2011 05:17 AM
Evelyn Kennedy
Alain Pinel Realtors - Alameda, CA
Alameda, Real Estate, Alameda, CA


You hit the nail on the head.  Price, condition and marketing are the key factors that sell a home.  Thanks for your post which makes so much sense.  Sellers need to take a dose of reality.  The market has changed. 

Apr 28, 2011 05:25 AM
Brenda Mullen
RE/MAX Access - Schertz, TX
Your San Antonio TX Real Estate Agent!!

Hi Evelyn-Thank you for stopping by and you are right, a little dose of reality can only help sell those homes faster :)!

Apr 28, 2011 05:34 AM
Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED
RETIRED / State License is Inactive - Portland, OR

LOL -- gone are the days of only location, location, location!  Your post makes a great point about all things that need to be said  and done ... thrice!!

Apr 28, 2011 05:58 AM
Brenda Mullen
RE/MAX Access - Schertz, TX
Your San Antonio TX Real Estate Agent!!

Hi Carla-yep, switched from location, location, location to all those other things :)....well...location still kinda counts, lol!  Thank you for commenting!

Apr 28, 2011 06:02 AM
Barbara Todaro
RE/MAX Executive Realty - Retired - Franklin, MA
Previously Affiliated with The Todaro Team

Brenda....congratulations on the well deserved feature.....paul is dead wrong about marketing....we are marketing agents first and foremost....if you price it right, and no one knows about it, you'll not get far....it's a combination of all of those factors and marketing is most important, especially in this economic environment.....

Apr 28, 2011 10:07 AM
Brenda Mullen
RE/MAX Access - Schertz, TX
Your San Antonio TX Real Estate Agent!!

I am with you Barbara!  Great marketing and creating the opportunity for a sale is a big part of what we do as well as educating the seller on how to position their home correctly.  Thank you so much for commenting! 

Apr 28, 2011 10:13 AM
Katerina Gasset
Get It Done For Me Virtual Services - Wellington, FL
Get It Done For Me Virtual Services

Congrats Brenda on your feature!!!!!!!!!!!! Coach Katerina:) 

Apr 28, 2011 10:30 AM
Brenda Mullen
RE/MAX Access - Schertz, TX
Your San Antonio TX Real Estate Agent!!

Thank you :)!! 

Apr 28, 2011 10:42 AM
Navona Hart
Real Living Cornerstone - Farmville, VA
Selling the Best Properties in Central Virginia

excellent, excellent, excellent.  I thinkTrust is the most important of your points.  Do you trust your agent on price?  Do you trust your agent on what they are doing to promote your home? Do you trust your agent when they say leave so your house can get shown?  Trust!

Apr 28, 2011 01:48 PM
Brenda Mullen
RE/MAX Access - Schertz, TX
Your San Antonio TX Real Estate Agent!!

Hi Navona-Trust is a huge part of the relationship between Realtor(r) and the client!  Thank you so much for reading!

Apr 29, 2011 01:55 AM
Tim Peterson
Wisconsin Realtor Safety and Concealed Carry Classes - Madison, WI
Realtor Safety Training Classes

Hi Brenda you said it all-pricing and proper staging really does it here

Apr 29, 2011 10:46 PM
Brenda Mullen
RE/MAX Access - Schertz, TX
Your San Antonio TX Real Estate Agent!!

Hi Tim-Pricing, Position, Marketing and Trust should get the job done ;)!  Thanks for stopping by!

Apr 30, 2011 06:08 AM