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For Real- Keller Williams Agents in Pembroke Pines Are. How often do we have to deal with one of our customers not facing reality? Like the buyer wanting to pay less than market value and the seller wanting to sell above market value. We say there not realistic. I hear a lot of people these days saying, "Is that for real." When they find something surprising, being real is important to people, it's trustworthy, it shows character and integrity.

So are you real as a real estate professional? When asked or when the customer or client  suggest some idea or thought that you know won't happen do you bring them to reality, I know that Realtors like to talk about the reality of the market to their customers, but are you as a human being real with your customers.

Being real   means putting their goals ahead of your commission. Are you doing that with your customers or just buying the listings and telling them what they want to hear to avoid confrontation?  Being real you will earn close more transactions because your customers will grow to trust you.

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Jimmy Morales
Good article and true.
Dec 27, 2010 03:31 PM