How a Vet Can Get a Replacement Copy of the DD Form 214 to Apply for a VA Loan

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I ran across this post from another ActiveRain member and this is a great help for Veterans that have lost or misplaced their DD214 papers. Thank you for the great advice and I will let others know about this vital information.

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In my last post I covered the DD Form 214, the report of separation, which every veteran gets when they retire or separate from the military. If you’re applying for VA benefits—including VA loans—you can’t move forward until you can supply the DD Form 214.

Part of the reason for that is that many benefits from the VA are contingent on the nature of a veteran’s discharge. The VA requirements for a VA loan include showing proof via the DD214 that the vet got a discharge not classified as dishonorable.

If a veteran sends his or her original DD Form 214 in to the VA as part of a VA home loan application for eligibility, they should request a replacement DD214 right away. If a vet has no additional copies of the DD Form 214, chances are they won’t be able to apply for other VA benefits until they can get a copy.

Fortunately the National Archives in St. Louis can supply a replacement copy within about six weeks (depending on work volume). The veteran must request a copy by contacting the National Archive. You can call 314-801-0800 (not a free call) or visit the offical site and fill out the online form.

The National Archives official site says vets facing tight deadlines for VA paperwork requiring the replacement DD Form 214 should mention those deadlines in the request for a replacement. There is no guarantee the replacement will be processed any faster, but when possible an expedited request may be given precendent. The government does try to speed things along in these cases when circumstances permit.

If a veteran is applying for VA loan eligibility but can’t locate their DD Form 214, they should request a replacement copy right away but should not submit paperwork to the Department of Veterans Affairs until the new DD Form 214 arrives—the VA can’t do anything with loan paperwork without the DD214.

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Bryan Watkins
LRA Real Estate Group - Mesa, AZ

Thanks for the reminder on the DD214. We had to get one for a client and it took a couple of calls to figure it out.

Aug 31, 2010 03:55 AM
Kenny Salame
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Thanks. It is so nice to share information with fellow ActiveRain members.

Aug 31, 2010 12:13 PM