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Visitors Can Now Find and “Like” Their Favorite Realtors on Agentopolis

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After years of toiling with different ideas about how to rank agents by consumer opinion and experience, Agentopolis has finally launched a new way for a Realtor’s family, friends and past clients to quickly and easily become a fan by simply click on our new “like” button next to the agent’s name.

Simply clicking the “like” button will increase the total number of fans for that agent by 1.  No email confirmation is required for the person “liking” you.  They simply click “like” and they are done.  Once they refresh the page, they will see that their vote for you has been counted. 

The last time we rolled out a Realtor recommendation system on Agentopolis, there were a number of agents who expressed concerns about how other agents might game the system. We tried to consider all the ways that a real estate agent might try to game our new “like” rating system and we believe, for the most part, it will be difficult for them to cheat our Agent ranking system. 

The obvious concern would be if dishonest agents simply went to their listing on Agentopolis and clicked the “like” button next to their name 100+ times.  Ya, we kind of thought that might happen so we put some technology in place to make it very difficult to accomplish that dishonest goal.

We hope you like our new Agent Rating process and stay tuned for news about the new Social Media Follow tags we are rolling out.


Richard Shuman
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Very interesting. I'll have to check this out.

Thanks for the info!

Aug 31, 2010 07:20 AM