FREE SERVICE TO HOMROWNERS!!! Save Thousands of Dollars On Your Home Mortagage!! No Costs!!!

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I am an authorized distributor for some very special software that is given to homeowners absolutely FREEand the benefits to the homeowner are amazing! The Mortgage Manager(TM) is a Mortgage payment service. We use electronic fund transfers to debit the homeowner's bank account every two weeks. Bi-weekly transfers mean that funds are transferred every two weeks not twice per month. There is a difference. A common objection of homeowners who have been offered Bi-weekly mortgage service by competitors charging hundreds of dollars, is they do not think they should waste this money by letting someone else do the what they can do themselves. The bottom line is that most homeowners never from this habit and they wind up losing thousands and thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest payments and lost equity. Many times, the homeowner who may have been paying on a Mortgage for several years are asked, "if you think you can do it yourself - why haven't you?" Our FREEservice eliminates this kind of objection. What really helps to establish the Mortgage Manager(TM) as a leader in the industry can be directly attributed to the refinance policies of many lenders and Mortgage companies, as well as the high start up fees that other companies charge for this exact same service. We have virtually eliminated all competition by offering this service absolutely FREE to homeowners.

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