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At the very edge of the Arizona desert is the small town of Yuma. Located on the intersection of quaint and enchanting, Yuma serves as home to artists and cowboys alike. The town is full of old timers with a story to tell, though recently there have been many new faces in town. Real estate companies have actually been hard set to keep up with the demand. Even as many migrate to Yuma for the winter, it still retains its small town charm and Old West feel. Locals are friendly and the saloons and diners will never rush you as you sit for a relaxing brunch or try to win back your horse in a final poker hand. The famed Yuma sunset lasts an eternity in the open desert as the flaming ball of fire hugs the edge of the horizon till the last possible moment.  A visitor to Yuma will be hard pressed to find enough words to describe what their experience here. The one word that comes to everyone’s mind, however, is authentic. Yuma, for lack of a large enough palette to capture its glorious sunsets, is authentic down to the last detail. 



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