HELP! I'm in a Pinch- 90 day flip rule suspended until 02/01/11

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Help please!  I am in a pinch and on a swift timelne to find this information.

I need press release or any document-article produced by the Housing Urban Development Dep. that states the 90 Day Flip Rule has been lifted until further notice...OR it said it was lifted for a certain period of time.

This took effect in February of 2010.  But, for the life of me I cannot find an actual article, notice, anything that was produced by HUD Dept. telling me this.

I can find 200 aticles where we investors have blogged it and discussed it but nothing from the HUD, not on their website or pamphlet...nothing.

Can anyone send me a link to something you might have kept, or a flyer or any type of document published by the Housing Urban Development.

I have a good deal about ready to sour because the Asset Mabnager of this foreclosure purchase is trying to nake us agree to the 90 day flip rule.

It goes sour tomorrow if I cannot produce something.  I sure could use your assistance!


Mary Wilcox 816.616.7165 or email

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