August Rains

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August 24, 2007, Western La Crosse and South Eastern Minnesota have taken a hit with all the recent rains, flash floods and unexpected mudslides.  The amazing and wonderful thing is how everyone bands together to help one another. Many of those homes are destroyed did not have flood insurance, there were not in a flood zone and even if they did mudslides are not a covered item.  The people are reslient and optomistic about starting fresh, starting from scratch, literally. The stories of neighbors helping neighbors is always so hearwarming.  Today there is a fund drive collecting money for those in need and as always I know thte people will give, kids will empty their penny jars, senior citizens will donate, all will contirbute for this as they have for other fund dirves in the past.  This time is for themselves, other times it was for Kartina, 911, or the troops overseas.  The midwest is the Hearland of America and it shows. All of America has heart and it shows.


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Bob Southard
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Thanks for your post.  I have an aunt and uncle that live between Lacrosse and Stoddard.  No way there house would flood but they are on the side of a hill overlooking the Mississippi.  I'm calling them now.


edit -update.  Holy cow, I'm glad I called.  They are Ok but no electirc.  They live on HWY 35 which is closed due to mudslides I guess and houses washing away.  Their house is still attached to the hill and they are dry.  But I am sure glad that I called.

Aug 24, 2007 03:06 AM
Jo Baldridge
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I am so glad to hear your family is safe and sound.  Hopefully their electric will soon be restored.  We received many calls on Sunday 8/19 from fiends of friends as my husband is a building designer and I suppose they thought he could quickly evaluate the structure, get them new plans and contractors asap. I think mostly people were just shell-shocked not knowing where to turn.  Howver he was able to get some contractors moving right away which is great. 

Everyone should be aware and cautious of whom they hire to help out especially in this type of envrionment.

Again, glad you called your family, I'm sure your call was very appreciated.  Jo


Aug 24, 2007 04:09 AM
Eric Kodner
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Jo, I'm glad I found your post on this subject.  It seems like Minnesota has taken more than its share of hits this year, with the flooding and also the I-35 bridge collapse. 

It's gratifying to see neighbors band together and help one another out in a catastrophe.  There's something about Midwesterners that reinforces the willingness to lend a hand.

Sep 24, 2007 12:44 AM
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Jo, I found your profile and this post thanks to Eric Kodner above who did a good article, summary about WRA convention. 

I am writing off topic, but just wanted to say it was fun, it was good getting to know you better.



Sep 26, 2007 04:00 PM