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A property manager act on behalf of an owner on a daily basis. To give proper service I see it as imparitive to communicate all decisions to the owner, as their agent.

I recently took a new account that has been on the market for upwards of 7 months. The front unit is rented but the back unit has been vacant, broken into, appliances stolen, the whole works. As I get over there the doors are boarded up, the grass is uncut and it looks horrid. I walk around taking pictures and the tenant comes out of the front unit. He asks who I am an I explain, HomePointe Property Management, and what I'm doing in his shared back yard.

Turns out the previous property manager had not been there in over 3 months. The boards were put up by the tenant. He called to make work orders time and time again and they never sent anyone. Finally he was told to submit requests in writing. After no response to the tenant he started doing work himself. On top of this my owner said she knew nothing about these issues and nothing about repairs needed. She just thought the price was still too high.

Finally the property is ready to rent and I get a call THIS morning from an appliance company here in Sacramento. They had installed a refrigerator and stove at the property about 5 months ago but never received payment. I immediately called the owner, who of course was baffled and did not even know the appliances were installed.

Every situation is different but as a property manager our job is to manage someones investment property with hard work and diligence. A little attention to detail is all we need.

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Wallace S. Gibson, CPM
Gibson Management Group, Ltd. - Charlottesville, VA

I'm not sure where the communication issue is in your scenario...the prior owner and property manager appear to have been in a foreclosure or short sale position and the papertrail has been lost since you describe OLD and NEW owners.....that said, the communication and a "plan" for the rennovation, make-ready and re-renting efforts are KEYS to a property manager's success.



Sep 02, 2010 11:25 PM
Andy Pokorny
Homepointe Property Management - Sacramento, CA
Property Manager in Sacramento, Natomas, W. Sac, Elk Grove

The owner was only new to me as her property manager. She has always owned the property, was just never communicated to regarding issues at the rental unit. The previous manager told her nothing and she had not a clue when I took over, as to what the property looked like.

Nov 02, 2010 11:16 AM