Sellers, You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

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Sellers, You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

I have been 'facebooking' with college friends of mine who are trying to sell a home in Nebraska for 6 months now.  As I was providing my expert and professional (sarcasm) opinion on the matter, it did shock me that the current agent was only doing the 'old school' form of advertising, and that the sellers figured that was pretty good.

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Here is what advertising had been done:  Open Houses, Hardcopy flyers outside on the curb, MLS entry, and the every so effective (sarcasm again) REALTOR open house.  All of these, according to every survey conducted are 'out of date' practices that only capture a small percentage of the buyers.  I guess this was a little better than the typical 3 P's of Listing - (1) Put it in the MLS, (2) Put a sign in the Yard, and (3) Pray that it sells!


Open Houses do not sell houses.  Hardcopy flyers disappear faster than Houdini, with no record of who took them.  REALTORS only show up for the open house because of free food and the opportunity to win $5. 

Back in the day, the public open house and the REALTOR open house were the only ways for buyers and agents to see the house.  They were effective then, but not any more.

We are in the technology age of Real Estate and we know that 90% of all buyers are on the internet.  Every listing should have what we call a "Digital Marketing Strategy" which produces a plethora of information and sources, online, for our listings.  Check out the linked video.  Doesn't every seller deserve maximum exposure for their home?


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About five ago I had to teach this to my brother-in-law who is an architect and builder in Vail Colorado!  He had homes that were listed for sale at over $1 million, and his agent had one picture on and then sometimes NO pictures on her own website.  After our little chat, his agent became much more visible! 

Sep 03, 2010 04:22 AM