When Is The BEST Time to Buy?

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When is the best time to buy?  When housing prices and/or rates are down if you're in the market for a new home.  Naturally.New Home For Sale

But recently, I was working with a client that had "systems" for buying EVERYTHING.  Her very own capitalist game!  I asked her many questions about different products and some of her answers seemd quite off the wall.  But still, there's a time for every season.  I began to do a little research and here's a list of some things that you may consider "timing".

A New Car

It's widely known that purchasing a new car at the end of the month and the end of the model year saves money.  But here are a few more suggestions.  Shop early in the week, near Christmas, a rainy or bad weather day, and 15 minutes before closing!

Wedding Dresses                                                                                    Santa

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Stores anticipate holiday engagements and stock up for the post holiday rush.  Supply is high and demand is low during this period.


Sunday is the best day of the week to buy grocercies.  The Sunday circular with all the coupons (don't get me started on coupons! - that's another post!) from the morning paper can save you plenty.  The store is much less crowded in the evening.


The best days of the week to buy gas are Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday morning.  The prices tend to increase by Tuesday afternoon.  I saw charts and graphs on this but I think I will just pick my gas stations to watch to see if this is really true!


The best time of year to buy furniture is January and July as these times see the biggest clearance sales offered.  Although when it comes to dining room and living room furniture, retailers have figured out that you don't want company eatting on card tables and sitting on old lumpy furniture -- so October is best for these two rooms.

There is truly a science behind pricing and production on things that we buy.  Oh yeah, and did I mention it's a great time to buy a house!!

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