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Shake Down The Thunder and Pass Me The Rummy Bears!!

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It's September 3rd 2010 and the smell of football has been lingering in the air for weeks.  Yesterday Notre Dame and Purdue football fans started their descent on South Bend and we are ready to be gracious hosts to all fans from far and near.  This question is often asked - "Doesn't all of that traffic just make a mess of your city?"  In a nutshell - well yes it does!  It is a good sort of mess though.  Those fantastic fans stay in our wide selection of hotels/motels/bed & breakfasts and eat in our varied establishments- from breakfast counters to 5 star restaurants.  There is shopping to be done in all sectors and parties to participate in.  One could play DTSB (Downtown South Bend) or on the Eddy Street Commons.  There will be live music, food and South Bend's finest residents and visitors dancing, eating and enjoying each other in general.

So....I bet you are thinking why is this lady talking Notre Dame Football on her real estate blog?  Simple answer.  Our local economy is driven by so many aspects of Notre Dame and the influences surrounding it.  We use to be a sleepy mid-western town that bustled with manufacturing.  Today South Bend-Mishawaka has evolved into a service community and our hospitality invites visitors to come back.  Often times those visitors like us enough to buy a second home here, or retire here.  They are a continual referral source for my business and yours.  Welcome the fans!  We are all winners in the Notre Dame community!

If you want to talk real estate you will find me at Maury's Pat's Pub - one of the greatest places to dine on a Notre Dame Football Friday or seek me out at the Meridian Title Tailgate for lunch before the game at lamppost #12.  I will be the lady with the Rummy Bears!




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We've driven through your fine city and loved the stadium/statues, the overall ND feeling. Very exciting time of the year for living where you live. Enjoy it - football season is here!


Sep 03, 2010 07:44 AM
Cathy Vicsik

Well said! Good references on places to eat and enjoy.....  Particularly loved your last three words!  WE  ARE ND!

Sep 10, 2010 03:45 AM