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This very basic concept all of us can benefit from.  Its the Law Of Diminishing Intent.  It just points out the best intention diminsh over time.  Sure Sally wants to buy but someone has to pick up the kids from school, tomorrow she has an all day business meeting, the day after that she's going to the beach with friends and finally the day after that its...something else. 

 The thing is most people intend on doing the right thing, yet we get caught up in something else.  Sound familar?  The key is to create a sense of ugency within yourself and others to act now, not later because what gets put off gets put off forever, in most cases. 


What is one thing you know you should do but have been putting off?  Could you handle it in just a few minutes?


One of the most exciting things about coaching people for me is getting people to act with a sense of urgency and passion. 

Jamey Mays



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Bill Cherry, Realtor - Dallas, TX
Broker & Wealth Coach


Clever idea based on a very sound principle of economics.  And true to its very core.


Aug 24, 2007 06:15 AM
Valarie Grisham
Keller Williams - Lake Stevens, WA
Yes, I like to get stuff out of the way.  If I can do it now I can cross it off my list.  Thanks Jamey!
Aug 24, 2007 07:11 AM
Joeann Fossland
Advantage Solutions Group - Tucson, AZ
Master Certified Coach to Motivated Agents
Great point...the difference also between being busy and being productive. I like that coaching question, alot!
Dec 27, 2007 01:59 PM