Preparing for the Listing Appointment . . . Pointed or Pretty?

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OK, Day 3! I was struggling again with a topic and then thought about all of the time I spent earlier today to prepare for a listing appointment tomorrow. The seller called me because I send just listed and just sold cards every opportunity to a neighborhood I have been very successful in for the past 32 months. 11 listings and sales, a new listing on Tuesday that is ready to be submitted and the possible listing tomorrow.

I have only had one expired in the neighborhood, a short sale that was already too far gone when I listed it and the saddest part of all, my seller was diagnosed shortly after listing, her attorney advised her to stay in the home and she passed away just 4 months later.

This particular neighborhood has a lot of activity the past several years - my potential sellers are trying to decide if they want to list now or wait until spring. So, my job is to try to interpret the market in terms of when will be the best time for them to list, not if. They are relocating for sure in 2011.

So, I have tracked the sales since Jan 2008 by season to see if they should list now or dare wait until Spring. It was a very interesting study and surprisingly a big shift in the past 3 years. I had never prepared my information quite this way and I believe it is going to be very effective in helping them to see that although they really don't want to move until next June(ish) based on the trend, they should list now and plan on interim housing if they sell faster than expected. I was fully prepared to advise them to wait until February and hope no one else zeroed in on them before then.

What also surprised me, that I really, truly did not know is that in this particular zip code and homes built since 2000, I have more than twice as much sales volume than the next agent on the list of 97 agents - and he is the licensed representative for a builder. I sat here grinning like a fool! So not only do I have the stats to support the strategy to sell their home, I have the stats to support me!

I think pointed is the way to go!

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Kaera Mims
Liz Moore & Associates - Fort Monroe, VA
Associate Broker, e-PRO, REALTOR; Hampton, Newport News, York Co.

Thanks for sharing a different way to look at the market - and good job on your efforts producing great results. Much success to you...

Sep 03, 2010 05:11 PM