Northwood NH Real Estate Report August 2010

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Northwood NH Real Estate Market Activity Report August 2010

We are looking at homes sold data for the last four years verses the last twelve months to determine where the market is headed.  57 homes sold in 2006 with 77 days on the market.  2007 gave us 81 homes sold up 42% with days on market almost doubling to 133 days as news of a recession reared up.  In 2008, 37 homes sold for a plunge of 54% and the days on market slightly increased to 139 choking as the recession entrenched itself.  For 2009, we saw a 38% increase in the number of homes sold and the days on makrket slightly eased to 130 as the Federal Home Buyer Tax Credit tried to prop up a sagging market.

Northwood NH Real Estate Average Sales Price

The average sales price for 2006 was $231,366 and screamed upward 18.5% in 2007 to $274,206.  Conversely, 2008's average sales price dumped 21.4% of its value to $215,520.  With the Tax Credit in effect, 2009's value bumped up slightly to $217,216. 

Northwood NH Real Estate Market Trend

In the last twelve months, we have seen a 4% uptick in homes sold at 53, days on market fell 7% to 121 days, and the average sales price dipped 8% to $200,225.  This data gives us the indication that demand is strong with more homes sold in less time.  The average sales price gives buyers incentive for a good investment if they are buying today.  Investment strategy 101: buy low, sell high.  Northwood NH Real Estate paints a pretty nice picture for future gains in equity for today's buyers.

Is now a good time to buy Northwood NH Real Estate?  You bet!  Good news for sellers, too.

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