Lee NH Real Estate Report August 2010

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Lee NH Real Estate Martket Activity August 2010

We are looking at homes sold data for the last four years verses the last twelve months to determine where the market trend is for Lee NH Real Estate.  For 2006, 44 homes were sold and took an average of 84 days on the market to sell.  2007 shows almost 7% drop in the numbeer of homes to 41 and and an increase on the days on market of 38% to 116.  In 2008, we see another fall of 20% in the number of homes sold down to 35 and they were taking 20% longer to sell with average days on market at 131.  2009 saw the same number of homes sold but again they were taking loinger to sell at 134 days.

Lee NH Real Estate Average Sales Price

As we look at average sales price over the same period, the height of the market gave us an average sales price of $322,860 in 2006.  2007 saw a drop of 7.5% to an average sales price of $298,382.  As 2008 unfolded, average sales price fell again 5.6% to $281,489.  2008's average sale price made a more dismal 12% plunge to $247,500.







Lee NH Real Estate Market Trend

Looking at the data for the last twelve months, we see the number of homes sold increase 17% to 41 homes and the average days on market fall from 134 to 115.  Average sales price has fallen another 6% to $231,807.  Essentially we see more homes sold with less days on market and average sales price has dipped.  The activity in the market for the last twelve months tells us that the demand for Lee NH real estate is strong and home prices give buyers fantastic "upside" potential down the road.  Investment strategy 101: buy low sell high.

Is NOW a good time to buy Lee NH real estate?  You bet!!  That's good news for sellers, too.

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