Lessons from Nanny McPhee - Yes, I'm Talking to You!

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Lessons from Nanny McPhee - Yes, I'm Talking to You!

Yesterday, I took my kiddos to see Nanny McPhee Returns and I thought it was such a cute movie!  It was funny, a little sad (yes I cried like a baby), and had a really great message. 

The story is about a mom with three kids who's husband is away fighting a war.  Her niece and nephew have to come stay with her, she is days from losing her farm and minutes from losing her mind.  In comes Nanny McPhee, she is a mixture of Mary Poppins and Maria (from Sound of Music) with just a splash of super hero. 

During the movie, she imparts 5 key lessons on the children and I think that more adults should be reminded of these and try a little harder to follow them.  They are simple but not always easy. 

So, here they are...

1.  Stop Fighting - Come on folks, lets stop fighting and bickering, it is counter-productive.  We waste resources and energy that would be much better used elsewhere. 

2.  Share - Don't be stingy!  Helping someone out by sharing stuff, knowledge or time is a good thing to do.  Often times you will even find that you gain more from the interaction than you actually gave.

3.  Help Each Other - If you see someone in need lend a hand!  You never know when a small gesture can make all the difference to someone who is struggling. 

4.  Be Brave - Sometimes life can be scary and we might be asked to do things that are outside our comfort zone.  Don't let a little fear stop you...Go For It! 

5.  Have Faith- We all go through tough times and it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel but we just have to keep working our little tails off and have a little faith.  Believe in yourself and ignore Mr. and Mrs. Negativity. 

Have a great holiday weekend and stay safe!

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Margaret Goss
@Properties - Winnetka, IL
Chicago's North Shore & Winnetka Real Estate

Since the movie is PG, there should be a good mix of people seeing it - and hopefully picking up on these lessons!

Sep 04, 2010 09:34 AM