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Jump Off Rock in Laurel Park NC

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Jump Off Rock

If you are in Hendersonville NC this weekend on vacation and you haven't taken the drive to the top of the mountain in the little town of Laurel Park, you are missing a big view. All the way at the top of the Mountain is the little park with the big view. Owned and maintained by Township of Laurel Park, Jump Off Rock is an amazing sight. 

Jump off Rock

When you first arrive at the Jump Off Rock Park, you wonder what the fuss is all about. It is a small park , and the views are not visible until you are right at the edge of the mountain. But what a reward when you get to the edge!

Jump Off Rock

When you step up to the edge and take a look, you will find a breath taking panoramic view of the Pisgah and Blue Ridge Mountains. It is absolutely breath taking. 

Jump Off Rock


There is a legend to this place and the story has been passed down for years: An Indian Cheif fell in love with a young maiden and they often met on the rock. The Chief was called to war and the maiden agreed to wait for his return but he was killed in the battle. When she recieved word that he was killed, she went to the rock and jumped off, killing herself. Indian legend has it that on moonlit nights you can see the ghost of the maiden on Jump Off Rock

Jump Off Rock

Come to Jump Off Rock and see for yourself! This is a free park, and is open from dawn to dusk. There are several trails you can hike as well, each with different stunning views.

Just follow fifth avenue west bound from downtown Hendersonville. It will turn into Laurel Park Highway and then you will be entering the magic of what is known as Laurel Park. Will you see the young indian maiden on the rock? I dare you to go.