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Just back from Tom Ferry's Real Estate Summit that was held in California. FYI: Virgin America has arguably the friendliest staff on the ground and in the sky AND an off-the-chart entertainment system built into each seat. That makes this my new favourite airline. :)

Back to the Summit, some of the top Realtors in the world gathered for three spectacular days of sharing ideas and creating a better future. Isn't it amazing how like minded people can get together in a room for three days and create enough energy that makes them feel empowered to change the world, or at least the way the world thinks? I was pumped up after day one, throw in two more days, three evenings of sharing our crazy ideas and building them into strategies and connections around the world which has me itching to get back to work!!

I can hear the words from colleagues back home already. It's been more than a few times where others have said "those things are a waste of time", "I've heard it all before", or how about "if you just stayed and worked, you could have had a deal or two". But is it just about a deal or two? Is it about maintaining the status quo that allows people to be satisfied with mediocrity? Funny thing was that as I was reviewing the notes I made from my week away, the Harry Connick Jr. song "Just The Way You Are" came on. That should be the anthem for those that choose status quo shouldn't it? "Don't go changing.....I'll take you just the way you are". LOL

These events are all about growing, changing our thinking, pushing the limits, broadening our mind and about listening and learning from experts in areas that you are not. These events are about knowing there is more to the world than what you see. They are platforms to take some time out and question your progress, to evaluate your plans and adjust them just the same. They are about spending time with the sharpest minds in the business. Sharp minds sharpen each other just as sharp knives sharpen each other.

Spending time with the people that unselfishly share their ideas and practices allows you to be a part of something greater than you. The Summit was not about competition, it was about cooperation. It was about allowing each other to dream one size bigger and then developing strategic and realistic plans to make it happen. It was all the right people in the right place sharing the right ideas for all the right reasons.

What a refreshing change from the cesspool of negativity we are faced with day in and day out. Don't get me wrong, this isn't one of my media-bashing posts over their creative journalism that sucks the life out of the world, yet if the media focused on the right things and accentuated the positive, would the world not be a happier place? Okay, okay, I digress. I'll stop. :)

Here's a fact. There are only two types of people in the world: 1. Attractive 2. Retractive. Retractive people (media included....oh yeah I said I wouldn't go there...oops) make the world smaller. They slow it down for all those around them.

For those that "have heard it all before", why haven't you put any of the ideas in place? Ideas have a short lifespan. We need to act on them immediately, or they fizzle away. Why are you resistant to change? And then, when someone else implements ideas you see them as a threat? Are they a threat? They're only a threat to the status quo in your mind. The same status quo that has you singing "The Thrill Is Gone" (did you guess what genres I'm listening to on this ultra-cool sound system on this plane? Yup, jazz and blues and it's BB King's turn) in your head while buying into the media's stories from so-called experts. Is there anything more frustrating to these people than watching you do the same things that they said could not be done?

Don't be afraid of change. Embrace it. Learn to appreciate the thinking of others, and step outside of the box. If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. I'm not saying break all the rules, just push the limits and get out and create new ideas. Creativity is contagious and improves results. Just one idea springboards to other ideas. The thrill is NOT gone, but before you know it, it WILL be!

The passenger beside me just told me that their corporate strategy is to implement Social Media next year and get on Facebook. FACEBOOK!! Okay, so anyone else out there with the same idea, just an fyi: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are so 2006 now! It's great that they are changing though, better late than never. Truth is that the world is changing fast. It is tough for anyone to function at it's rate of speed, so you really can't go it alone. Get the right people around your table and make things happen.

The most important thing you learn at these Summits is to get uncomfortable with the way things are. Change is the only constant in our world. On my flight to L.A., I sat next to a gentleman whose company is making and testing rockets for NASA. These rockets will revolutionize space travel. Each rocket costs $50,000,000 (that's 50 MILLION Dollars!!)To build. The first test failed. Did they stop and call it a day? No, they "tweaked" the process and last weekend had a successful launch! Being tested soon are rockets that can return to Earth. Once this happens, they can conceivably send people into space and bring them back for less cost than ever before. I've been invited to watch the next launch from Cape Canaveral this winter and cannot wait. Here's a company that has chose to make Space Travel cost-effective!! Unreal! Now take a look at yourself and tell me it is fine to continue doing things the same way - and mean it! Can't do it can you? And if you do, it just means you're lying to yourself and I.

Never be satisfied with mediocrity. According to the media, the worst may not be
over. But we all know how full of crap they are. I know the best is yet to come. If you're in, come sit at my table! I'll see you there.

Asif Khan, Realtor
Re/Max All-Stars Realty Inc.

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Asif Khan, Realtor

Re/Max All-Stars Realty Inc.


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