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Thought this was a great post, with this topic coming to mind much more often in today's world.  Seems that the bottom line is that everyone should always try to "do the right thing", and it's even more honorable when you "do the right thing even when no one is looking".

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You obey the speed limit. However, there are people who do not do that. They will pass you up and an interesting thing happens. One of you is wrong and..... one of you is right. By playing or not playing by the rules, everyone has to take a look at what they are doing and why.....


Very important to play by the rules especially around children. They must be shown that there is order and compliance necessary in all things when society comes together as a whole. Remember, they watch and mimic you. So whatever leaves the house with them is really YOU out there..

THE NATURE OF EVERY ACTIVITY, ORGANIZATION, AND GAME.....is defined by the rules......

We all know how to play checkers, chess and monopoly. When we stray from the known and acceptable way, we are no longer playing the same game. Same thing with activities or sports. The different sports have their different rules. Play outside of them, and you are noticed (fouled) or penalized for doing so. Workplace rules are there to protect the workplace, its insurance requirements, and its business plan. Failure to agree and practice that puts unnecessary risk on all. You stand out and are labeled a rogue or rebellious person.

It may seem cool to you to not follow the rules.....but it is not a productive way to gain respect or attention

If you are making stuff up as you go, how can anyone else follow you? Very confusing to do and I would question that type of behavior. Look how clear the rules are for driving. There cannot be too many misunderstandings less we have too many uninvited accidents. When cars were first introduced, there were no rules for the road. People would argue all day who was right or wrong depending on your point of view. Not too much got resolved...

One of the best ways to teach someone something is by example. I learned to fine dine by watching others. I perfected it so that I could enjoy the full experience. Their are rules and procedures in that realm too all designed to enhance the experience


The Traffic, Civil, Bankruptcy, and Criminal court Judges all want you to have your day in court. They are most interested to hear why you did not play by the established rules. Many times, there are things that come up that require common sense activation and deployment. That often conflicts with known and out-dated rules and regulations......so there are exceptions

Rule players: Be advised that by adhering and practicing the rules of whatever you are doing, you have set an example, and your very act or deed makes the NON-RULE player stand out like a sore thumb. Your cooperation is appreciated. Correction to the other is being demonstrated......

Non-rule players: As long as you practice your own thought up ways amongst those that are in conformity, you will be outed. Swimming against the tide. Big energy drain too! When you are outed, you will have to deal with the consequences. What kind of life is the one where you have to keep explaining and arguing away....all day long as to why you are not in obedience? You are living life....backwards

When we come together as cities, counties, and states, when you have large masses of people, the needs of the many will always "outweigh and dominate" the needs of the few. When you are in the comfort of your own home or property, then you may stretch those private legs of yours....all you want.

RULES DEFINED: prescribed guide for conduct or action. Something that governs behavior.

Are you a rule player, or............... a rule slayer?


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