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Apartment News in the Phoenix - Tempe - Mesa Light Rail Corridor

Steve was surprised when he started looking for an apartment rental near the light rail transit in Phoenix. 'There were more options than I thought there would be." With over 300 apartment complexes in the light rail corridor, everyone who is looking is bound to find one that is affordable and well located. But, you need to start looking.

The current market has all apartments available at reasonable prices. There are many locations that can fit your lifestyle and budget. You may find one that is near your current job or even your next one.

For years, families have fled from the inner city to the suburbs. Now, after many decades of outward movement, the flow is tending towards the inner city. Work, convenience and access to amenities, desire to reduce commute times all contribute to the success of living near transit. 

We have received many reports that living near fixed transit such as light rail is becoming more popular. Urban living is attractive as an alternative living in the suburbs. Not only is apartment living along the light rail corridor desirable, but pockets of homes that for years were neglected have become new fixer-uppers due to the popularity of cable programs such as seen on HGTV.

Some of the more popular apartment complexes near the light rail tracks are: Campus Suites, Colter Park, Pala Mesa, The Met, Gateway at Tempe, Apache Station, Henson Village, The Lofts at Rio Salado, and Coral Point. Residents enjoy sparkling pools, clean and spacious living spaces, exercise facilities, new friends, and convenience.


Bryan Watkins sells real estate in the Phoenix-Tempe-Mesa light rail corridor. He co-owns the specialty niche website We make it easy to live, work and play near the tracks.


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