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dotJenna’s Famous Facebook Webinar

September Dates: September 8th & September 30th


Ebby Halliday Training Seminar

dotJenna Teaching at Ebby Halliday

dotJenna’s Famous Facebook Webinar. Everything you need to know about setting up your account, finding friends, uploading and tagging photos, creating profiles, groups and like pages. Learn to grow your business on Facebook.


  • Learn the secrets for ATTRACTING thousands of friends, fans and clients using Facebook.
  • Find out how to TURN your Facebook Friends into money in your pocket by cultivating life-long Clients who send you tons of referrals.
  • Get the tricks for RELAXING in your pajamas while prospecting and making connections with key people who are ready to buy.
  • Become an EXPERT at Facebook Marketing, impressing your friends and other Agents in your area and in your office.
Jenna, your Fabulous Famous Facebook Marketing Webinar was great! Solid content with many many golden nuggets. Thanks so much! ~ Dave Thomas

NEXT WEBINAR: September 8th, 2010 @ 12pm – 1:30pm Central

Famous Facebook Webinar Topics


  1. How to use Facebook to get more business.
  2. What parts of Facebook will help you get leads.
  3. How to use viral marketing on Facebook to your advantage.
  4. How to Deal with Annoying People on Facebook
  5. What photos & graphics get the best results.
  6. Use Facebook tools that get attention for your business.
  7. How writing blogs on Facebook can make you famous.
  8. What to post to make people want to buy from you.
  9. How to position yourself as an expert for easier sales.
  10. How to blow away your competition.
  11. How to build a network of your niche target market.
  12. Figure out which Facebook pages are best & how to use them.
Facebook Marketing Coach
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Facebook Marketing for Small BusinessesNancy Sayre I just got my first weekly Facebook page update since your webinar on July 8th. Stats: active users up 214%. Fans up 70%. Page views up 172%. By golly, it really works! Thanks!

Why Should I Attend This Webinar?

Facebook WebinarMy approach for marketing on Facebook is different from your typical technology trainer. I go into more depth, teaching the real estate agents in my class high-level marketing concepts that helps them to dominate their markets using online tools. I discuss branding, social psychology and what makes people take action on the web.

My Famous Facebook Webinar goes BEYOND merely teaching you practical ways to use the tools within Facebook, but also how to brand yourself, your business on the net. (Remember, marketing online is different than marketing in real-life. It takes special skills, different understanding of how people use the web.) I show you how to navigate those differences, based on my 20 years of proven sales experience, along with six years as a search engine optimization expert, web developer and entrepreneur. This Webinar is jam-packed with valuable information that will form the foundation of your social media marketing efforts for many years to come.

All This Training is Getting Expensive, Will it Ever End?

Yes! My program is designed to be the final, conclusive, comprehensive system ever for social media marketing for the sales professional, entrepreneur or small business. This means it teaches EVERYTHING you need to know in one-easy location. dotJenna is a name you can trust not only for your initial social media marketing training, but ongoing as she keeps you updated with the latest in technology marketing techniques.


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