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By changing from a monthly mortgage to a Bi-weekly Mortgage that we provide to the homeowner absolutely no costs. All Bi-weekly mortgage services use electronic transfers to make the Bi-weekly mortgage debits from the homeowner's account. Homeowners do not change lenders because we do not "buy" their mortgage or take it over. We simply service their existing loan with the existing lender so they can receive the benefits without incurring any refinance charge or other cost. We do not send any statements to the homeowners, however, they will continue to receive all information their current lender normally sends them, monthly statements, coupon payment booklets, etc. Provided there are no changes to the loan the homeowner can simply disregard any coupon payment booklets they receive because we will be sending the proper information with the payment we send to the lender. The homeowner is always notified by the lender of any changes to their payment, payment address, or transfer of their loan to a new lender. It will be the responsibility of the homeowner to notify us of any such changes. For example, if the lender adjusts their escrow payments and changes the amount of their monthly payment, we adjust their Bi-weekly payment reflect the change. When homeowners move or refinance, they will usually cancel the service for a month or two while all the changes are taking place and then transfer the service over to their new mortgage. There is no cost to the homeowner to do this. All of these benefits and more and It all FREE to the homeowners. 



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