How does our national debt effect home sales?

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How does our national debt effect home sales?

We all know and understand how personal debt effects home sales and home buyer qualifications, but how does our national debt effect home sales? I tried to put a short list together and came up with these items:


  • job creation
  • interest rates
  • taxes
  • consumer confidence
  • business confidence
So I ask you, if we strongly suggest to our clients that having less debt will positively effect you in your real estate transactions, should we also not wish the same for our country? I think that an unstable job market and high unemployment are killing us, but don't forget about our old friend inflation. I wonder if the root cause may not involve our national debt more than we think.

Just to further drive home the point I have included a link to a national debt clock. Give the web page a look and then come back here and leave me your commets. I would love to hear the thoughts of folks much brighter than myself on this...


The National Debt Clock

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