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How DOES a Home Stager establish PRICE?

Q:  What will it take to make this transition from this?  Seriously.

Misty Hollow  

A:  Vision.  Time.  Effort.  Inventory. 

First some questions for YOU-AND for the STAGER...


Q:  Is your house Vacant?

A:  What kind and how much furniture will we need for this property?  What will our moving expenses look like?


Q:  Is your house Occupied?      Are there kids, pets, smokers?  Neatniks or slobs?

A:  What are the issues will to overcome to interest buyers in this property?


Q:  How old is the place?  Good repair?  How many different colors does it sport?     Wild ones?  Wallpaper? Fashionable furniture in today's taste or twenty years ago?   

A:  How far outside the box will we have to reach to make this one irresistible?  And, are the sellers going to follow our advice on prestaging work like painting and changing out furniture etc?


Q:  Are we talking about a condo, bungalow, McMansion, full out palace?  How's the neighborhood? 

A:  What level and how much inventory of furnishings and accessories will we need to invest in this home to make it shine?


Q:  Who is the target market?

A:  Who do we need to keep in mind for this one - hip young professionals, families?


Q:  What is the price point of the house? 

A:  All our inventory is appropriate to homes of one level or another, but what specifically will this one require to get it sold?


All logical questions for a price quote, right?  But that's not the half of it...  Each property is also's YOURS.



So, how DO YOU get a PRICE from a Home Stager? 

Invite a Show Smart Home Staging professional over for a Staging Consultation to understand what your home needs to maximize your ROI.  Not free (‘cause the work starts when your Home Stager walks in the door), but extremely valuable, cost effective, and necessary to give you a fair price


That's when the design happens.  A staging color palette is chosen... appropriate scale and quantity of furniture and furnishings decided... room use determined... curb appeal addressed... and finally a cost estimated to boost your property to amazing!


Be suspicious of overcharging OR undercharging if a firm price is quoted without even setting foot in your home.  Like anything, you typically get what you pay for.  DC area Home Stagers are NOT created equalShow Smart Home Staging is tremendously proud of our SUCCESS rate of consistently getting properties of all kinds all over the DC metro area SOLD since 2005.  And, isn't that why you're hiring a professional Home Stager...MAXIMIZING YOUR BOTTOM LINE. You owe it to yourself to hire a Patricia in Rockville at 757 619-9789 to schedule your Show Smart Home Staging Consultation, get a fair price, and get your home SOLD.

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Kathy Streib
Cypress, TX
Home Stager/Redesign

Patricia- very good questions.  And, especially like your point... a consultation in Not Free but valuable and cost effective. All sellers want some idea of our fees but while we cna provide some kind of guideline, without seeing an individual property, it can be difficult to be too specific.  I've found that for the most part sellers have been pleasantly surprised at the fees.

Sep 07, 2010 06:27 AM