Arkansas Homes Sales Up in June

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Arkansas Homes Sales Up in June

According to the data collected by the Arkansas REALTORS Association, and published in Arkansas Business, homes sales in Arkansas were up .56% in June.  Hey, that isn't much, but at least it is moving in the right direction.

Pulaski County was actually down by 2% with 400 homes sold.  In Saline County, homes sales were up 20%, but it had less than 145 units sold.  Northwest Arkansas even saw an increase.  Benton County was up 14%.

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As for price, statewide price was down 1% to a median price of $148,256.

Comparted to the national average of a 27% drop in June, the Arkansas market is still basically stable and consistent.  If you need to sell, it is still a good time to sell it.  If you need to buy, it is an excellent time to buy!

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