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Power Broker is the Salesforce ISV Partner developing commercial real estate CRM software on Salesforce.com's market-leading cloud computing CRM platform.  

Commercial real estate software is at its best in the cloud.  Many real estate brokers and agents recognize that that cloud computing in general has transformed both the software industry and all of us as technology consumers.  Every day more and more companies and users are choosing to run their business software applications in the clouds because it is faster, easier, less expensive and more reliable than traditional computing.  It is time for commercial real estate software also to leverage advantages of the cloud.

Further, Salesforce.com is the undisputed leader in cloud based customer relationship management applications-in fact, most would argue that Salesforce is the key enterprise software leader in cloud computing and certainly is one the key market makers for cloud computing overall.   Salesforce is the most popular CRM contact management software ever sold.   With all its success, Salesforce is still a generic CRM-that is until Power Broker Software. 

Power Broker Software begins with the highly successful platform of Salesforce.com and has developed it specifically for commercial real estate.   As an ISV/OEM partner of Salesforce, Power Broker provides world-class CRM software built and extended specifically for commercial real estate-all while leveraging the cloud computing leadership and financial strength of their partner Salesforce.com.  Commercial real estate software in the cloud and backed by the platform of an iron-clad $2 Billion partner.

As the Salesforce partner focused on commercial real estate, Power Broker also knows that the advantages of cloud computing-like fast ramp-up, no servers to manage, low cost, stability, reliability, web & mobile access-- are particularly useful in the practice of commercial real estate.    Domain expertise in commercial real estate, software simplicity, and the strength of a great partner Salesforce.com, are foundations of Power Broker-and to the success of Power Broker's commercial real estate broker software users.    

Commercial brokers and agents can more about Salesforce for Real Estate with a Free Trial of Power Broker.  Visit Power Broker on the web at www.PowerBrokerSoftware.com.

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Power Broker is the leading web-based, on-demand, real estate CRM software for commercial realtors and business brokers. Power Broker is more than just real estate contact management software; Power Broker is complete real estate customer relationship management software built specifically for commercial real estate on the most popular CRM in the world-Salesforce.com. With our low-cost, fast-start cloud computing model, Power Broker lets you focus on your clients, closings, and commissions---not your software, server, and systems.

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Jim Paulson
Progressive Realty (Boise Idaho) www.Progressive-Realty.info - Boise, ID

Thanks for the data, but I specialize in residential, not commercial.  I found the blog by searching SalesForce.

Apr 25, 2011 02:15 AM