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I often get asked about where I live and the first thing I hear is, "Isn't it just NOTHING but FARMS???".

No, not really.  I live out there and I'm not on a farm.  Actually there's some neat homes and some are quite nice if not perhaps a bit luxurious for around here.  Just west of Saline, west on Austin Road and north on Dell, just off to the east, is a subdivision, carved out during the 1990's as "Williamsburg On The River".  Probably it's only big drawback is that's what everyone has on this street for an address.....  Makes for filling out forms and writing out bills a long, tiring process.  (Just kidding!)Drive through the trees

Seems quite interesting once you enter the subdivision, you go down a long tree-lined gravel road, then the homes appear.  Most of these homes are on 10-acre lots, with a few 3-acre lots squeezed in between.  There are 15 lots, nine of which have $300K to $800K homes on them, the rest open.

Yes, the road is gravel, and the some homes have gravel driveways, some asphalt.  But you could just as easily do concrete out here (it would probably cost a bunch, though!).

But with 10 acres, you can probably have just about enough space to have a horse or two.  Seems like folks just have the space to enjoy the quiet and the woods nearby.

Click here for a Visual Tour.  At the time of this post, there are no homes for sale in this neighborhood, however, it gives you an idea that indeed, here out where the farms are, there are indeed, lovely homes.



Just one of many homes

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