Why Costa Rica?

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Costa Rica is the place to be, and for countless reasons. You can relax, go out have fun and there is always something going on. I have lived in San Diego for 20 years and thought it was the best place on earth. Well ... it isn`t. Costa Rica and areas such as Santa Teresa and Malpais beat it. Anyday.

Costa Rica right now is what San Diego was 50 years ago when my friends grandparents bought properties cheap.

Costa Rica is on the verge to explode but right now the country is still in the beautiful and natural stage that hopefully won`t be destroyed.

I can recommend that you guys look into Costa Rica when wondering where to buy property and where there is a good investment to make. Check out these pictures of Santa Teresa and see for yourself.

We have some excellent properties right now in the surrounding areas which are still not populated. Santa teresa has surf all the time and also a great party scene. If anybody wants more info on Costa Rica, feel free to hit me up. I`ll be happy to help whoever needs something else to be convinced that indeed ... Costa Rica is his or her place to be as well. :)

Mike Dammann

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