The Place to Be Friday Nights in Georgetown, TX - Dos Salsa's Tex Mex Restaurant

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The Place to Be Friday Nights in Georgetown, TX - Dos Salsa's Tex Mex Restaurant

Dos Salsa's Tex Mex RestaurantTwo weeks ago tomorrow I was out with the kids (my wife had to work late) when our son mentioned that he would like to have his favorite quesadillas for dinner.  After a little bit of interrogation on my part I learned that his favorite quesadillas came from a small, but well known, restaurant in Georgetown, Tx called Dos Salsa's.

So, I had the pleasure of dining with our 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter that evening.  And....the food was great.  But, the real eye opener for me was how many people we "ran into" that evening.  We saw friends, family, local business leaders, parents from our kids school, customers, several local Realtors and even a local politician.  It was one of those Who's Who in Georgetown, TX kind of nights.  Quite literally, it was the place to see and be seen. 

The kids were excited to tell their mother where we went for dinner and she immediately became jealous.  So, one week later (a week ago tomorrow) we returned to Dos Salsa's so that she could get her fix of Chicken Enchiladas.  Again, Dos Salsa'swas packed.  We saw many of the same folks we had seen the week before along with lots of others too. 

With a 5 and 2 year old we don't get out much and when we do a good family oriented business is a priority.  Dos Salsa's delivers great food with a great family atmosphere.  The wait is usually fairly long, especially on Friday night, but the parents can gather out front and chat while the kids play around the fountain or relax on the benches. 

Next time you're looking for a great place to eat and visit consider Dos Salsa's in Georgetown, TX.  I guarantee that you'll have a great time!

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