FALL Is Almost Here....So Spring Into Action!!!

Real Estate Agent with Exit Elite Realty

With summer almost behind us, and fall just around a corner, now is a great time to take advantage of this seaasonal change to review our currentl listings.

Here are a few great ideas and tips for the fall season

UPDATE YOUR PHOTO(S) FOR YOUR PROPERTY :  If your home was listed in spring or summer, it is more than likely your home front pictures reflect the outside environment.  Take a few moments and snap a new pictures to capture this new season. This will give your listing, and refreshed look, and will not make your home ad look dated.


ADD SIZZLE TO YOUR FIREPLACE TO MAKE IT POP :  If it isn't already, try to make your fireplace a central or focal point in the room. These features add great selling points to your home by creating a warm, and inviting atmosphere in this room.  Make sure you highlight this fall-friendly feature by arranging furniture to make it a focal point, add minumim artwork or something on the mantle to draw attention to this.


MAINTAIN THAT FALL CURB APPEAL :  This seasonal change allows for trees to shed and leaves to change beautiful colors, which can help in making the home more attractive with these vibrant colors.  Although this can be great, it can also add work to your chorelist. Maintain lawn maintenance by raking and collecting leaves and removing the piles of leaves from your yards.  Properly inspect your structure from all views from your home. With all the leaves gone, they cannot hide that poorly painted corner of the house, or dirty windows.  Another big fall tip is to regularly clean your gutters. You do not want to turn away someone that LOVES your home because of the piles of leaves hanging over the front door!!!



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