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Today's challenging market of REAL ESTATE requires professional vigilance, advertising, advertising, and more advertising.  I talk with BUYERS, SELLERS, property owners, and renters every day.  The one message I want to get across to everybody is "Good Advice" is not self serving.  When people ask me a question most of the time the are seeking advice.  I earn my money by SELLING real estate and to do that I must earn every CLIENT with good and professional service.  Everybody begins as a CUSTOMER, a person seeking information.   Information becomes ADVICE when a CUSTOMER becomes a CLIENT.  As a Licensed REALTOR I must provide responsible Customer Service.  My hope is in doing so and doing it well that I will earn a CLIENT.  I spend MY money advertising and conducting work for CLIENTS (find and attorney that will do that - ha).

 SO WHAT!!?!- you say - Blah Blah blah. 

BUYERs - Every grocery store publishes is Sales for the week - most of the time you can find the same stuff somewhere else for the same price or cheaper.

  • THE ONLY way to know the true value is to know the SALES PRICE of what you want after the NEGOTIATIONs are over. 
  • I Have Access to RECENT SALES DATA. 
  • A professional REALTOR provides recent sales information to a BUYER to validate the value of their offer - this is ADVICE.



  • I pay for the advertising, National Advertising, Internet Advertising, Print Advertising, and Brochures.  FREE ADVERTISING!!! 
  • I am advertising more than one interest - this generates cross-over and more potential buyers.
  • Price your property TOO High and you just won't sell.
  • Price your Property TOO LOW and you can loose more than what I will make for a commission.
  • Make a mistake in representation or disclosure and the legal liability is yours (we live in the most litigious society in the world.)  I pay for Errors and Omissions Insurance.


When Buyers and Sellers come together I have experience walking through the process of Financing, Appraisals, Home Inspections, and all the activities that result in a CLOSING.  Practicing and experiencing these activities all the time is what makes me the ability to smooth the sometimes bumpy road to the finish line.


Comments (3)

Todd Haggard
Century 21 Nachman - Virginia Beach, VA

I jsut used yesterday to win a listing.  The seller asked me what I could bring to the table than his previous Listing Agent did do.  I said advertise, advertise, and advertise.  I showed him the areas of advertisement which I would utilize, besides the MLS, 8 in total. , internet, TV, Magazines, etc....National, Local you name it.


Aug 26, 2007 04:17 AM
Al Maxwell
Keller Williams - Marietta, GA
Real Estate Agent

Very good post and some excellent guidelines. Thanks for pasing this along.


Aug 26, 2007 04:55 AM
Susan Trombley
Trombley Real Estate - Wake Forest, NC
Broker/Realtor, Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Youngs
Use everything you can to get the listing is what I do.
Aug 26, 2007 07:47 AM