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Can you spell? L-I-A-B-I-L-I-T-Y!!! Sure you can! Can you spell L-A-W-S-U-I-T? I could see this happening if someone were to get shocked! Better suggest they get a LICENSED Electrician on this!

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It's a wonderful day in my neighborhood!

A wonderful day for a neighbor,

I need you to be,

I'd like you to be,

I'd LOVE you to be my new neeeeiiiighbor!


Hi boys and girls!

Mr. Jay here!

It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood and I am so glad we can be together today!

My neighborhood always surprises me!  I learn new things everyday!  Do you like to learn new things?

I sure  do!  And I know you do too!

Did you know that Mr. Jay lives in one of the smartest and richest areas in the whole wide country?  It's true!

That's why Mr. Jay is so surprised!  Can you see how surprised he is?  Sure you can!  He is surprised every day!

Can you spell surprised?    S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E-D    Sure you can!

Well, would you like to have some fun in my neighborhood today?  Wow!  That's great!  Come on!

Today, boys and girls, we are going to learn about backyard wiring!  Yes.  That will be fun, won't it?

We are going to a yard with a fence alllll around it.  There are 24 posts.  And there are 24 lights.

Do you know why there are 24 lights?  Sure you do!  Because there are 24 posts and the people in this home wanted a light on every post.  Very good!  So, let's go!!

First, you want to make sure all your cables are protected.

One good way to do this is to put all of the cables inside a conduit!

Do you know what a conduit is, boys and girls?

Sure, it's a plastic or metal tube!  It protects the wiring.

Can you spell conduit?    C-O-N-D-U-I-T    Sure you can!

You also want to make sure that none of your connections are touching the ground and are inside a wire nut!

No, a wire nut is not the kind of nut you eat!  That would be nutty!

It wraps the wires together so they have a good connection!

Can you spell wire nut?    W-I-R-E-N-U-T    Sure you can!

You also want to make sure all your wires are carefully attached to the fence!  Very good!


See how well connected this cable is!

Sure you do!  No, not the cable on the right, the one on the left!

Your other left.

Good, boys and girls!

And make sure all your light bulbs are protected by a globe.

The globe is the glass jar around the bulb! 

Can you spell globe?    G-L-O-B-E    Sure you can!

And make sure that everything is put on strongly and tightly so no water can get inside!  You sure don't want any water getting inside.

Why not?  Because water and electricity don't mix!

They will make the light short.  Yes, short.  Just like mommy!  She sometimes gets short with you right?

Sure she does!




And if you do everything right, and wrap all the extra wiring round and round the last light and turn on the switch, ALL 24 lights should come on!

Gee, boys and girls, only one light turned on.

But you should know that Mr. Jay was very surprised that it did!  How nice that a light came on!  I'm so happy!  That means we have a continuous connection!

Can you spell continuous?   C-O-N-T-I-N-U-O-U-S   Sure you can!

Can you spell surprised?     S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E-D     Sure you can!

And the Virginia Creeper on the post lends it a nice touch too, doesn't it?  Sure it does!  That almost makes up for only one light coming on!  And Mr. Jay's complete surprise!


Well, boys and girls, it's time for Mr. Jay to leave.

We sure have had fun today!  Thanks for stopping by!

Do you want to come to Mr. Jay's neighborhood again?  Sure you do!

Mr. Jay sure has fun in his neighborhood!  A lot of home inspectors are very jealous that Mr. Jay has so much fun!!


It's a wonderful day in my neighborhood!

A wonderful day for a neighbor,

I need you to be,

I'd like you to be,

I'd LOVE you to be my new neeeeiiiighbor!

                                          Gee won't you be,

                                        Please won't you be,

                            I'd LOVE you to be my new neighbor!


Programming of Mr. Jay's Neighborhood has been provided by Lotsa Nuts!  When you feel like a snack, eat Lotsa Nuts.  Because you are what you eat!

Tune in soon to Mr. Jay's Neighborhood - Where You Can Check Out, But You Can Never Leave...


Fade to black...   quick.



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Steve Davis
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Thanks for the photos and the comments! Crazy what people will do. Seller's disclosures!!

Sep 12, 2010 06:25 PM
Jay Markanich
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Thanks for the reblog Chris!

Sep 13, 2010 12:02 AM