Phoenix AZ: ADOT is Buying Homes (In Planned Freeway Path)

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ADOT and Proposed South Mountain Freeway

It does not have to be reported in headlines each week, but it goes on. ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation) is planning for the future. They are in the process of buying homes that are in the path of the future freeway called the South Mountain Freeway.

This is great news for some homeowners. Those who need the cash and want to move are happy. Others who don't get an offer are frustrated. ADOT does not have unlimited budgets to buy property, but does have some. So, they are moving ahead with the project, looking years ahead. And, why would they not want to buy when prices are so low right now? Makes good business sense.

Just need to be aware that this is a program that is active. If you are in the freeway path, decide on what your plans are. Looking to move and sell? Call us. We can help.


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Jayson Hoffer
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so should i go buy a home right there, right now? What is the term called imminant domain. Can they later force me out of that home if I bought one now?

Apr 05, 2011 07:26 PM