Today is the "Unofficial End of Summer" - So Christmas is Almost Here !!!!!!!!

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Happy Labor Day All !

This post is actually a reminder NOT TO THROW AWAY THE REST OF THE YEAR !!!

Yesterday another agent said to me "Well Labor Day is tomorrow, thats it, the year is basically over !"

Well au contraire my down-hearted colleague !!!

There are 115 days STILL LEFT IN THIS YEAR !

Now I dont know about you, but most of my deals (except Short Sales) close in about 60 days - so that means I've still got about about 55 days to get some more deals Under Contract that I dont have at the moment !

It's VERY EASY to wave the white flag right now - Economy is bad, housing news is mostly bad, uneployment is bad, we dont have enough hours in the day etc etc ... but if you can get yourself out of bed of a morning, THEN YOU CAN BE PRODUCTIVE !!!

Summer vacations are pretty much over, kids are enrolled in school, so potential clients are now back ready to think about BUYING OR SELLING BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR !

So dont just let the next 115 days pass you by with excuses !

Call those B & C clients, send those "Summer is over, time to sell/buy your house !" postcards, revamp your listings, spruce up your open houses, take new pictures of your listings if things have been improved (decluttered etc) since it went on the market - YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO GET SOME MORE DEALS BEFORE THE END OF THIS YEAR !

... or alternatively, start your Christmas list and tell yourself the Year is Over !!!