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The proposed freeway that would replace Pecos road in Ahwatukee is getting some people really good deals on rentals within Desert Vista High School district.  The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) continues to buy homes along side where the freeway would replace Pecos road, then they rent them out to people with decent credit, no criminal records or felonies, and no prior evictions.  The renters have a month-to-month lease, and depending on the property will determine what the rent will be.  But in the economy we are in right now, renting homes is becoming the norm, and driving prices up.  Looking over at homes.com's rental section, the cheapest rental I could find in 85045 (western part of Ahwatukee, for a home) was $1150 for a 1700 SQFT, 3/2, one story home; ADOT rented out a 1900 SQFT, 3/2, two story home for $1000 per month

Ahwatukee Homes

ADOT is only buying up homes that meet hardship requirements of the home owners looking to get out.  Obviously this is not going to fit the bill with everyone, and that is why they only own about 20 homes in the area near the proposed freeway.  ADOT is being very selective of the homes they buy, and the renters they rent to, most likely causing demand to be high for home owners and renters, but those who will qualify on both sides is selective.  It is something to look into if someone is facing a hardship out of their control (job transfer, illness, or possibly other reasons) and just so happens to live near the proposed freeway.  There is already a large demand for these rentals however, meaning a wait time before someone will get a call.

If you or someone you know is looking to rent a home in the area, please call or email me with any and all questions you might have.

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