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Custom Website just launched. Any suggestions?

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I took the opportunity to make a change from a template site (Alamode) to a fully custom site. The idx pages are still being modified to run the same header, colors and text as the main site and some of the content needs to be edited a little further but all in all, I am thrilled and will be 100% happy once the final edits are done. What do you think of the site? Any comments or suggestions? Since this is a custom site and not a template, there are no limits on what I can change or edit. Custom Real Estate Website

I was totally happy with Alamode products and tech support but there were a few issues I could not look past. Plus there were limitations on how I could edit the site so basically, every alamode site looks the same. I spent countless hours making mine look as different as I could but I was limited. Another main reason I switched was the recurring costs that came every year. It was reasonable for the amount of leads that were coming in from it but why not purchase something once and own it and never pay fo it again? Now my site costs me $80 a year to host. That is it! Well plus the idx but that is optional.

I am having 3 other sites built as of today and will post here when they are done. One will be a mortgage site, one will be a furniture restoration site and one will be a site for AYSO girls VIP soccer league. I own several domains and sites and will eventually switch every one to a custom. I think I have found an awesome designer and would be willing to help you get a site built if you are ready to switch from a template site.

Anyways, any ideas or comments are welcome

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Gayla Worrell
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Other then the IDX site, it looks good.  The rotating pictures on the front page are a nice touch but they take up a lot of real estate.  Also the picture transitions are interesting but could get a little irritating quickly.


Sep 13, 2010 08:00 PM
John Puplava
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