Facing Foreclosure in California?...Call for help

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Facing Foreclosure in California?...Call for help

Kandola Mortgage Services launched a Foreclosure Hotline this week. It's purpose is to assist people who are delinquent on the mortgages. Counselors will act as intermediaries between homeowners and lenders, to work out a game plan, help organize finances, avoid scams, reduce potential liability and possible sell or keep the home.

If you are delinquent on your mortgage payments, please call for help. The number is 1-408-561-7295.

Irony in action

Foreclosures cost the taxpayer in the end

A study done by the University of Colorado-Denver last year found on average one foreclosure costs the municipality $10,000 per home.

Foreclosures drive down property values. Empty homes attract additional problems, they become playgrounds for kids who often times destroy the home, costing the lender more to bring it up to salable condition. Some empty homes become meth labs, creating worse dangers yet.

What's a neighbor to do about foreclosures?

If you are in foreclosure, give us a call ?

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Neighbors can help the community by watching vacant homes for unusual activity. If you see something out of the ordinary happening in a vacant home take it upon yourself to contact the authorities. Being a watchdog for the neighborhood will help solve the problem is less time. It's not a question of being a nosey neighbor but one of responsibility and pride. Protect your neighborhood and your property values.



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